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    • When it comes to pain or an urgent solution there’s no time for waiting. After you provide us with your personal and medical information, we will be contacting you very shortly to schedule an appointment where you will be evaluated and your main concern will be addressed.
    • Typical solutions for emergency might involve alleviation of pain, reinforcement of a broken tooth, repair of an esthetic accident, etc.
    • You will be expecting a clinical and radiographic evaluation, a diagnosis and suggested treatment options. You will choose then the most convenient solution for your condition. Our main goal is to get you out of your discomfort.

    When you have a specific concern and you want to have Dr. Bautista’s opinion, this is the perfect appointment for you.

    What to expect:

    • A 20 min appointment where basic data will be collected, X-rays might be taken in order to diagnose a particular situation.
    • Second opinions are helpful when it comes to important decisions. Dr. Bautista will guide you to understand your problems and the proposed solutions.
    • Consultations about treatments or technology are very common among patients. Please let us know how can we help.

    What to expect:

    • We will be conducting an interview to get to know your concerns, preferences and fears (if there is any), in order to have an overall view of your dental health. It is very important for us to align your expectations with our philosophy, the type of treatments and services we offer.
    • A full set of radiographs and photos.
    • Hygiene session and complete examination.
    • Please set aside 2 hours from your schedule.
    • Full report of findings.
    • Depending on the level of complexity of your case, our team would need extra time to develop such report. In this case you will be asked to come back for a second visit at no extra charge so we can share the findings and propose options and priorities of treatment.
    • The main purpose of this sort of examination is to develop a plan. The way we proceed with your plan, will depend on your believes, your availabilities, your budget and your desires. We are here to guide you on developing a long term plan thus making the best informed decision.

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