Porcelain crowns

Why is it needed?

Although the use of porcelain veneers often is a good solution for patients who seek to alter the look of their smile for aesthetic reasons, teeth that are deeply affected by decay, discolouration or repeated surgical procedures can call for solutions that are able to replace more than mere the front appearance of the affected teeth. In such cases, the use of porcelain crowns is frequent because they represent a complete, resilient aesthetic solution to reconstruct teeth whose condition require more than a thin front shell.

What does it consist of?

Just like when a patient has one single tooth in need of important restorations, a porcelain crown can also be used for aesthetic reasons. Instead of removing the affected tooth or using a porcelain veneer, the dentist will save the natural tooth but he will replace much of it by adding a custom-made “cap” onto it. This crown will restore the natural tooth’s shape and appearance.

How is it carried out?

The first step to putting a crown into place is to give the patient a local anaesthetic, file down the tooth which needs to be restored and protect it with a temporary crown. Once the tooth is filed down, the dentist uses the latest technology available to send digital impressions of the patient’s mouth to a laboratory so that the prosthesis to be added to the prepared tooth can be tailor-made. A second appointment then allows the dentist to cement the crown into place.

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